About Us - Management Profile

Jinan AbouShakra
President & CEO

The CODEplus Management Team is led by Jinan AbouShakra. Under her leadership the company, founded in 1995, has evolved into a leading provider of Systems Integration Services & Solutions in the fields of Information Technology, Logistics Automation and Professional Services. Ms. AbouShakra brings more than a decade of executive experience leading supply chain management and software engineering companies in the development and implementation of innovative logistics technologies. Innovative and results-oriented leader focused on setting high performance standards and then meeting or exceeding those standards while sustaining competitive cost-effective pricing.

In addition to extensive corporate experience, she is active in professional organizations and is frequently consulted about improving operations and logistics processes using new and existing technologies. She is also a speaker and panelist at various conferences and industry events. Ms. AbouShakra holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree from George Washington University.