Solutions - eManageIT™ IUID Serial Number Tracking System

Product Specifications:

CODEplus has developed a mandate-ready Item Unique Identification (IUID) solution to comply with the Department of Defense (DoD) initiative to increase the efficiency of maintenance and asset management activities throughout the DoD supply chain.

With build-in preset mark settings, the system uses a variety of safe marking techniques that can apply IUID markings and RFID tags to 98 percent of warehouse parts. Adopting the IUID Mobile Marking System will allow you to save time and improve accuracy with enhanced parts identification; heighten efficiency by empowering personnel to complete marking procedures quicker.

Benefits of the IUID System:

  • Simple solution - User-friendly single software interface and menu-driven marking selection for quick personnel adoption.
  • Mandate Compliant - The software provides the operator with the means to apply properly formatted UID markings, verify mark quality, and interface with the user’s host computer and UID Registry.
  • Configurable - the DataLase 30 watt CO2 laser provides the capability to apply machine- and human-readable markings to most material surfaces.
  • Versatility - the marking device is extremely versatile and provides the operator with a number of different marking techniques and options. These include printing, laser coloring, laser engraving, and laser bonding.

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